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Barbershop  Nina Jussinoja

Barbershop Nina Jussinoja has been service in business since 1963, originally in the bus station building in Rauma. The business has

been owned by Nina Jussinoja since 1998. the shop moved to new, spacious and airconditioned premises across the street of the

bus station in May 2012.

There are three professional barbers in our shop. Our service offerings are haircuts, washing and beard trims without appoitments.

All customers are more than welcome to our shop ; men, women an children.

We serve our customers on the principle of waiting in line. There are magazines for many tastes in our spacious waiting area. For

children there are toys and books in order to keep the little ones busy while waiting.

We are open for business as following:

Tu- Fri 8.30-17.00
Sat 8.00-13.00

Our Prices


Basic haircut

Trimming longhair 22.00€

Trimming neck line 11.00€

Bangs 11.00€

Washing service:

Wash 6.00€

Wash and blow-dry 25.00€


Beard trim with

Machine 9.00€/12€

Scissors 12.00€

Moustache  trim 5.00€

Machine cuts:

3 mm or less 13.00€
4 mm or more 15.00€


Haircut   (under 12 year old) 22.00€/26€
Haircut   (13-15 year old) 24.00€/28€

Bangs 10.00€